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uOttawa Prof. Howard Alper Visits CCNU for Joint Research Program

CCNU signed an agreement with Prof. Howard Alper at the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) of establishing a joint research center for chemical synthesis and catalysis. Present at the meeting were CCNU Vice President Li Xiangnong and Wang Enke, and Xiao Wenjing, Dean of the School of Chemistry.

What to bring and what not to bring to Central China Normal University

Life in Chinese universities may differ from that in your country.Take this “what to and what not to bring” list with you and then go on your preparation. Try this list; you may enjoy a time-saving and less trouble packing preparation.

Julio Correia Visits CCNU to Enhance Ties

On September 12th , a delegation led by Julio Correia, General Secretary of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde, paid a visit to CCNU and was warmly welcomed by Prof. Ma Min, Chairman of CCNU University Council

The World's Largest Students Rush in Wuhan-2014 Registration Days

The World's Largest Students Rush in Wuhan-CCNU Is Well-prepared for Your Coming

An Educational Tour from Sabah University of Malaysia Was Held inCCNU

The morning of July 6, Sabah university of Malaysia Chinese culture summer tour was held in our school Huazhong Normal University carefully arranged a keynote speech as a welcome for their first arrival in CCNU.

The First Training Courses Opening Ceremony Was Held for Chinese Teachers from Five Central Asian Countries

At 15:00 on July 11th, an opening ceremony for the fourth Kazakhstan Chinese teacher seminar and the First Five CentralAsian Countries Chinese teachers training session was held in my school in the Shaw's International Conference Centre.

CCNU President Offers Blueprint of “Digital Teaching”

Facing challenges of the digital age, Central China Normal University (CCNU) strives to promote teaching innovation.

Four CCNU Young Teachers Funded by Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation

Recently, the results of the 14th Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation (named after the renowned entrepreneur) for Young Teachers in Higher Education Institutions of China were announced. Four young teachers from CCNU have gained the support of this foundation. They are Fu Ping from College of Sociology, Hou Xuanji from School of Mathematics and Statistics, Hao Gefei from School of Chemistry, and Feng Yurong from School of History and Culture.
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