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CCNU Scholarship Application Notice



CCNU Scholarship Application Notice


一、   申请时间


Application Timeline

From 2016-04-20 to 2016-06-20


二、   申请对象



   New overseas students(bachelor students, master students and doctorate students studing in CCNU since September,2016)

   Old students cannot apply for the scholarships.


三、   奖学金说明

1.       全免学费奖学金(本科2人、硕士2人、博士2人)

2.       半免学费奖学金(本科4人、硕士3人、博士3人)

3.       国别生奖学金(学费减免2000-8000元):42

4.       优秀学生奖学金(学费减免2000-8000元):42


Types of the Scholarships

1.       CCNU Scholarship (offering all tuition fee; bachelor students:2; master students:2; doctorate students:2)

2.       CCNU Scholarship (offering 50% tution fee; bachelor students:4; master students:3; doctorate students:3)

3.       CCNU Specific Nationality Scholarship (offering fundings of RMB 2000---8000; total number: 42)

4.       CCNU Distinguisted Student Scholarship (offering fundings of RMB 2000---8000; total number: 42)

All CCNU scholarships do not cover accommodation fees and living expenses. Anyone who successfully gets the scholarship should be accessed again in the next spring to ensure whether he/she can get the scholarship once more.


四、   要求材料

1.       网上申请表打印版(见第四点

2.       护照复印件

3.       语言证明材料(HSK等)

4.       成绩单

5.       活动或获奖证明

6.       推荐信2

7.       学习计划

. Application Materials

1.       Scholarship application form (downloaded from the website)

2.       Photocopy of passport

3.       Certificate of language proficiencysuch as HSK

4.       Transcript

5.       Other certificates

6.       Two recommodation letters

7.       Study plan


五、   申请步骤

1.       isao.ccnu.edu.cn 上注册用户,登陆后进入APPLY 页面,选择CCNU SCHOLARSHIP


2.       按照步骤填写申请表并在网上进行提交

3.       将填写好的申请表打印下载后,连同其它材料递交至204办公室

. Application Procedures

1.       Register on the website of isao.ccnu.edu.cn, then enter the webpage of application, and click CCNU Sholarshop.

2.       Fill out the online application form step by step and submit the form online.

3.       Download the application form and then submit all the required documents to Office 204.




. About the result

   CCNU scholarships will be accessed every two weeks from April,20 and the result will be informed by email,


七、   联系方式





. Contact information

   Miss Zhang

   Address: Office 204, College of International Cultural Exchange

   Tel: 67865209



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