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A Delegation from Columbia College Chicago Visits CCNU


On March 25th, a meeting with Columbia College Chicago(CCC) was held in the Shaw (Yifu) International Conference Centre. The delegation led by Prof. Stanley Wearden, Executive Vice President of CCC, and Prof. Zhang Xinya, Director of Chinese Project Department of CCC, was warmly welcomed by Mr. Hong Feng, Deputy Director of CCNU International Office and some other deans and professors.

Hong Feng expressed his welcome to Prof. Wearden and emphasized the value of the partnership between CCNU and CCC. Also, he hoped that CCNU and CCC could develop a substantial cooperation for the coming year. Prof. Wearden appreciated the invitation of Prof. Hong Feng and then visited the research centre of CCNU. He introduced that there are over 10,000 students in CCC and Media Arts, Advertising and Interaction Arts are the key disciplinary areas. Also, he said that both campus of CCNU and CCC are beautiful but different and there are many public services like hotels and shops on CCC campus. And now, there is a big comedy program in Chicago called The Second City and CCC can equip the exchange students with opportunities to participate in it.

Prof. Sun Yongxiang, Secretary of Party Committee of CCNU School of Music, gave a brief introduction of CCNU School of Music. Then he discussed some exchange programs with Prof. Wearden and put forward an “1+1+1” non-degree exchange program. Prof. Wearden pointed out that CCC has invited some professional compositors from Hollywood to satisfy students’ interest.


This meeting stands for deeper and further cooperation between CCNU and CCC. There will be more communications between CCNU and CCC and also students would have more opportunities to exchange abroad.   Prof. Liu Zheng,Deputy Dean of CCNU School of Journalism and Communication, showed an interest in what Prof. Wearden had said and hoped to have a futher discussion on the relative major. In addition, CCNU and CCC share something in common that they both focus on virtual arts and so on. Prof. Liu Zheng mentioned that CCNU and CCC could establish some short-term exchange programs in the summer and winter holiday and also have some works exhibitions.



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