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The First Training Courses Opening Ceremony Was Held for Chinese Teachers from Five Central Asian Countries


At 15:00 on July 11th, an opening ceremony for the fourth Kazakhstan Chinese teacher seminar and the First Five Central Asian Countries Chinese teachers training session was held in my school in the Shaw's International Conference Centre. More than 60 Central Asian countries teachers and the school leadership attended the ceremony, and the opening ceremony was presided over by Zuo Bin.

The Vice-President Li Xiangnong sent his welcoming remarks as the opening. He expressed warm welcome and good wishes for Chinese teachers from afar Central Asian countries. Principal Li Xiangnong delivered sincere message to the participating teachers, "For a long time, China and Central Asia countries have maintained good bilateral relations, we are good neighbors, good partners and good friends. I’m proud of your roles in promoting cultural exchanges between China and Central Asia envoy and the great and glorious responsibility you are shouldering. "

Zuo Bin,president of College of International Cultural Exchange said in his speech that he deeply agrees that CCNU is a beautiful school and Wuhan is a very attractive city; Both of us has a perfect chance to learn more about this city and deeply appreciate the Chinese culture and customs, national culture; and wonderful life in Wuhan.

Subsequently, Kazakhstan teacher Ms. GULZHA, Kyrgyzstan teacher Ms. ZHANYLMYRZA, Uzbekistan teacher Ms. HILALA, Tajikistan teacher Ms. FARKHOD and Turkmenistan teacher Ms. GULIYA spoke on behalf of their respective countries, expressing their thankfulness to Overseas Chinese Affairs to provide learning opportunities, and to their greater contribution in promoting Chinese education and educational exchanges.

The event was sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, co-organized by the Hubei Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and co-hosted by our school.  Chinese Teaching Training for Kazakhstan teachers Project has been held for four sessions, the impact is increasingly far-reaching, and this year is the first time to usher in Chinese teacher from five countries in Central Asia, achieving geographical breakthroughs. The great success of this training session will promote the Chinese education and strengthen cultural exchanges in Central Asia, making a more active and far-reaching influence on the function of CCNU as a base for Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chinese education.

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