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Julio Correia Visits CCNU to Enhance Ties

Julio Correia Visits CCNU to Enhance TiesOn September 12th , a delegation led by Julio Correia, General Secretary of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde, paid a visit to CCNU and was ..

The World's Largest Students Rush in Wuhan-2014 Registration Days

The Worlds Largest Students Rush in Wuhan ——CCNU Is Well-prepared for Your ComingWuhan city is, by common consent, the largest college city among ..

An Educational Tour from Sabah University of Malaysia Was Held inCCNU

The morning of July 6, Sabah university of Malaysia Chinese culture summer tour was held in Huazhong Normal UniversityHuazhong Normal University carefully arranged a keynote speech as a welcome for..

The First Training Courses Opening Ceremony Was Held for Chinese Teachers from Five Central Asian Countries

At 15:00 on July 11th, an opening ceremony for the fourth Kazakhstan Chinese teacher seminar and the First Five Central Asian Countries Chinese teachers training session was held in my school in the S..

CCNU President Offers Blueprint of “Digital Teaching”

Facing challenges of the digital age, Central China Normal University (CCNU) strives to promote teaching innovation. During his interview with China Daily, Prof. Yang Zongkai, President of CCNU, stres..
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