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International students of our university went to Nanjing and joined Chinese cultural experience


On 22nd,July, 166 International students of our university went to Nanjing and took part in international preppie fellowship and Chinese cultural experience. The activity is organized by Ministry of Education and it was undertaken by Southeastern University. Over 600 international students from Tongji University, Nanjing Normal University and Our university’s college of international preppie education.

Liu Jinghui, secretary-general of China Scholarship Council, shared the experience of studying in German with the international students and encouraged the students to learn Chinese well to make contributions to Sino-foreign cultural exchanges in his speech. On the meeting, some videos of international preppie’s life in the three universities were played, and the students representatives gave wonderful speech. Li Lian, our university’s student from Cape Verde, expressed the teachers and students present with simple speech and vivid examples, it fully showed students of our university’s sound spirit and school life.

The international preppie visited sightseeing such as Wireless Valley, Jiangning Weaving House and so on, and watched artistic performance at Southeastern University. They learned the development of China’s technology, education and culture and experienced Chinese culture. This fellowship was not simply a youth pageant and gathering of friendship, it also let the international preppie experience unique charm of Chinese culture and love China more deeply.


Our university was allowed by Ministry of Education of PRC in 2009 to undertake the Government Scholarship International Preppie education. The education is taken in charge of by College of International Culture Exchange. The college overcomes difficulties and strengthens management and formulated CCNU’s characterized international preppie education mode. The passing rate of HSK of international preppie reached up to 95% since in 2011, which was highly spoke of by China Scholarship Council.

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