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CCNU Chinese Language Programs


All people that wish to learn the Chinese language,experience living in China, understand the Chinese culture, and earn a head startand competitive advantage in the future China-dominated world. You can’t miss this!!

>>>>CCNU Chinese Language Programs

1.One of 3 National Chinese Language Education Bases accredited by PRC State Council.

2.The designated Chinese Language Training Center for Chinese Government Scholarship Winners

3.The most state-of-art language learning center in Central China.

>>>>WhyChoose CCNU


1. Small and engaging classes (typically 20 students) provide an interactive andintimate learning environment.

2. Real-life situations are created to facilitate and improve students’ learning.

3. Diverse classroom activities, electives, seminars, and social events with a focus on different aspects of Chinese culture provide an enjoyable and effective learning experience.

4. Feature Chinese Corner every Tuesday night has become part of students’ thrilling and rewarding life experience in CCNU.

--Low Cost

1. Only15000 for one-year intensive training and cultural immersion and far cheaper living and travelling expenses in Central China

2. Less application fee

3. 3-star hotel rooms at only one tenth of the market price


1. Anytime enrollment is welcome. You can start your learning anytime you prefer.

2. The size of class varies according to the students’ proficiency level.

3. Flexible teaching techniques tailored to students’ characteristics.

4. Feesare based on the length of your study. For example, for a 1-year RMB15000program, if you only study for half year, you only need to pay RMB7500.

--Level of Programs

1. Elementary Chinese

Basic butintensive Chinese language and culture classes to render students basic skillsof comprehension, speaking, discussion and debating.

2. Intermediate Chinese

A middle level/intermediate course on Chinese language and culture to enable students toconverse with the Chinese-speaking world freely and watch TV news.

3. Advanced Chinese

anadvanced course on Chinese language and culture to enable students to converse with the Chinese-speaking world freely in writing as well as speaking, watch TVnews, enjoy some basic movies, debate and writing novels or thesis papers.

--How much you need to pay





Single Room

Double Room


CICE Dorms



A/C, TV, Internet, Private Bathroom, Card Telephone, Public Kitchen  & Laundry Room


  1. Registration Fee:       300 RMB

  2. The university       provides free medical insurance (an annual 600RMB-value Medical       Insurance Plan for Foreign Students) to the long-term (one year or above)       students

  3. We only accept       RMB

  4. Costs of       textbooks, student ID card and library card are at the expenses of the       students

  5. Those who would       like to lodge off campus need to apply to the Office of CICE in advance       and complete the registration

--What you need to prepare

1. Application Form
2. Passport

Apply right now!!! http://ccnu2.ciss.org.cn/Courses

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